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Harley the Hawk visit (18/4/18)

We had a wonderful day on Wednesday in school. Each class had a workshop with Katie and Harley and learned all sorts of great things from our village expert. We learned lots of science regarding things like food chains and animal classification as well as about falconry terms still used in language today like ’under the thumb’ and ’fed up’ and a little about it’s place in our history. It was fascinating and everyone learned lots of new things, including the grown ups!

We got to see Harley fly, although this didn’t entirely go to plan as Harley decided to have long rest in the tree and it took us a while (and some help from the fire service) to get him down safely! This added to the excitement and the tree will now, forever be known as ‘Harley’s Tree’ !!

The children will all have a souvenir photo to take home of themselves with Harley and Katie to remember the day by and I hope they’ve shared their new knowledge with you!


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It’s a world of motion in Year 4! (14/3/18)

Year 4 Design Technology Project: March 2018

It’s a world of cams, linkages, motion and fun for the Y4 children at the moment! With careful assistance, everyone has had the opportunity to build an ‘automata’ based around the traditional ‘Punch and Judy’ show. Turn the handle and characters burst into life: crocodiles, policemen and Punch arguing as they do in the traditional puppet theatre.

Children learn many engineering and science principles, turning rotary motion into reciprocating motion, building levers and linkages and the advantages of different types of levers plus real practical problem solving skills.

It is claimed that the UK was short of 20,000 engineers in 2017. Let’s hope that in 2027 some of these bright young students from our school will consider a career in engineering when they finish their ‘A’ levels!

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Homelearning Share (12/12/17)

Homelearning ‘GANAS’ Projects

Well done to the whole school for their fabulous efforts with your homelearning projects.  It was wonderful to see such a range of different ideas to present learning.  Thank you to all who came and looked around school to admire the great diversity of successful projects.  Fabulous!

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Christmas Activities December 2017

Christmas Activities at Richard Clarke

We all enjoyed December in school and took part in many activities to celebrate Christmas.  We had parties, Christmas dinner and performed our Christmas plan ‘Its a baby’.  Our RCFS choir also sang Christmas songs in church and at the Christmas fair.  A joyous time.

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Remembrance Parade (12/11/17)

Well done to all for the money raised in school for the ‘Poppy Appeal’ this week.  Also thank you and well done to all the children who took part in the Remembrance Parade on Sunday 12th November.  I was so proud of all the children for the respectful way they conducted themselves on this very moving occasion.  Mrs Hanson

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Whole-School History Day (3/11/2017)

On Friday 3rd November all classes had a history morning.  This was to highlight the importance of the subject and how history has affected all of our lives in someway to the present day. Reception children looked at the history behind the gunpowder plot and why we celebrate this event. Year One children learned like Egyptians writing in Hieroglyphics, doing food tasting and being Mummies! Year Two set alight a mini version of the Great Fire of London! Year Three looked at Stonehenge and some ‘real’ Vikings visited Year Four. A thoroughly enjoyable day was had by all of us!


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God’s Eyes (2/10/17)

Y3 had fun making ‘god’s eyes this week.  We have been learning in RE about how different religions think about God.  We learned about a primitive form of star weaving, reminiscent of a dreamcatcher, Ojo de Dios, or God’s Eyes are still woven today by the Huichol Indians of Mexico. The idea is to use bright colors to serve as an eye to watch over others (especially babies) and to bring good luck.

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Important dates for the Summer Term 2018

Please find below some important dates:

Please note: All dates are subject to change

Wednesday 18th April Whole school visit from Harley the Harris Hawk

Friday 4th May – Y4 Football trip

16-18th May – Y4 residential trip to Condover Hall, Shropshire

Break up 25th May for half term

TBC Tuesday 12th June Sports Day

18th June Y4 visit to OHMS

29th June – End of Year reports

2nd July – End of year Parent Open Meeting

4th and 5th July Y4 visits to OHMS

11th July – Change over transition morning to new classes and meet the teacher

12th July – New Parent Induction Evening

19th July – Leavers Assembly for Y4 Parents and carers and Richards celebration

20th July – Break up


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Father’s Day Picnic (20/6/2017)

It was a joy to see the children eat their lunch with a dad, uncle or grandad . The children were so excited to share their dinner time with their family in celebration of Father’s Day. The sun shone and so did the smiles!

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A Glorious Trip to Gladstone (13/6/2017)

Wow! What a fantastic trip Year Two had at Gladstone Pottery Museum! It is a working museum so we were able to see pottery being made live in action! We went in the huge kilns but don’t worry, they were not in use! We asked so many questions and we even got the opportunity to create our own plate in the style of Clarice Cliff!

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