Neil Lowther

Neil Lowther Governor

Governing Body

Individual Governor Profile

Type of Governor:  Co-opted & Safeguarding Governor.

Reason for becoming a Governor: When my first child started attending the Richard Clarke First School, I decided that I would like to be more closely involved in helping the school achieve and maintain high standards of education for all of the children in its community and I believed that I had the necessary skills to contribute towards this. 

Subject Link: Physical Education & PHSE.    

Background Information:  I have a teaching degree in P.E and taught at a Staffordshire Secondary School for two years before changing my career ,where I currently hold a strategic Safeguarding role.          

Additional Information: I live in Abbots Bromley and have two children who have attended the Richard Clarke First School and the school has had a positive influence in their early education. My main area of interest is in sport and Physical Education and I am delighted that the Richard Clarke First School has made significant progress in this area of the curriculum in recent years. Additionally, my current career has enabled me to make a positive contribution towards helping the school to successfully Safeguard it’s children.