Landsdown Infants School Trip

Lansdown infants logoYear 2 and 3 were recently given an exciting opportunity to experience and explore a cultural exchange.

Landsdowne Infant School in Burton invited us to visit them on Wednesday 2nd November 2016.



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Lansdowne is very different to Richard Clarke, it has 13 different first languages with over 50% of children speaking a language other than English. Urdu and Punjabi are the two main languages but others include Turkish, Polish, Slovakian, Hungarian, Arabic and many more.

This visit aimed to enrich our children’s social, moral and cultural curriculum as well as build a relationship with the wider community. The children from Lansdowne will visit us later in the year.

As part of the experience the children also had the opportunity to take part in lessons, make bread and have Henna patterns (temporary paint on their hands).


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