Science Investigation Day for Year 3!

Year 3 had a fantastic visit meeting Chris from South Staffordshire Water based at Blithfield Reservoir, who came to the school to explore and investigate rocks and soils. The class have been learning about these in science lessons, and had a fantastic morning putting their knowledge to the test!

IMG_1613 (Small)

The children looked at how fossils are made, what causes earthquakes, and what the structure of the Earth is like beneath our feet. Then they investigated lots of different types of rocks, testing to see which was the hardest and softest types of rocks that are commonly used in the world around us.

To end the morning, they compared soil brought from a garden and soil samples found at the reservoir itself, and got very messy in the process discovering the different properties of the soil! Finally, the children had a go at making a model volcano explode for a dramatic finish!

4 October 2016