Y4 Viking Day (15/11/2016)

IMG_2069 (Small)Year 4 have had an action-packed day of Viking history – learning through fun, drama and hands-on  activities!

From first thing in the morning until the moment our Year 4 children went home, minds were whirring and brain cells were popping.

We spent some time learning in a Langhalla (long house), where Astrid gave us a Viking family and showed us a range of original artefacts.

We tried our hands at weaving, making bracelets, milling flour and wool spinning. Then – at the end of the day, we proclaimed our god ‘ODIN’ before learning how to battle as brave Viking warriors.

We think we may have scared our rabbits off! Our children will be writing recounts of their fantastic day tomorrow and using their learning for weeks – and years – to come!

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