Year One visit Dudley Zoo (27/03/17)

On Monday 27th March, Year One went on a school visit to Dudley Zoo. This visit linked with their topic Meerkat Madness.  The children left school promptly to arrive at the zoo.

On arrival, the children got to see camels, baboons, and Asiatic lions. As part of our experience, we were able to feed the meerkats and have a talk about meerkats by one of the staff members at the zoo. The children loved this experience and not only did they learn more facts about these animals, but they impressed the keeper too by how much they knew!

After this, the children had a close encounter with some of the smaller creatures at the zoo.  Children got the opportunity to stroke snakes and ferrets which was a wonderful experience – even the teachers got to do it too!!!

In awe!

As our final part of the tour, we got to visit the Lorikeet Lookout where the children got to feed the birds. The children were totally in awe of the birds. This was a new and exciting experience for the children which helped them to understand about these birds.

After our picnic lunch, we had the opportunity to see many more animals and the children loved every minute. Staff at the zoo even complemented the children on their outstanding behaviour. The children got so much out of this visit as it enhanced our topic and gave them many thoroughly enjoyable experiences throughout the day. They were a joy to be with as their genuine excitement made the day as enjoyable for all of the staff as the children. A great day out!

Feeding the birds!