It’s a world of motion in Year 4! (14/3/18)

Year 4 Design Technology Project: March 2018

It’s a world of cams, linkages, motion and fun for the Y4 children at the moment! With careful assistance, everyone has had the opportunity to build an ‘automata’ based around the traditional ‘Punch and Judy’ show. Turn the handle and characters burst into life: crocodiles, policemen and Punch arguing as they do in the traditional puppet theatre.

Children learn many engineering and science principles, turning rotary motion into reciprocating motion, building levers and linkages and the advantages of different types of levers plus real practical problem solving skills.

It is claimed that the UK was short of 20,000 engineers in 2017. Let’s hope that in 2027 some of these bright young students from our school will consider a career in engineering when they finish their ‘A’ levels!