Year One Learning Zone

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Hello everyone! Welcome to the Year 1 learning zone! Please explore this page to find key documents, links and useful sites which will support your child’s learning.


Those at home, please find the work for this week below: WB 20.9.21



Monday AM – Maths, Comprehension/Reading, Phonics. PM – Foundation subjects.

Tuesday AM- Maths, English, Phonics. PM – Foundation subjects.

Wednesday AM – Maths, English, Phonics. PM – Foundation subjects.

Thursday AM – Maths, English, Phonics. PM – Foundation subjects.

Friday AM – Fluency Friday, spelling, Phonics activity. PM – Foundation subjects.




Wake up shake ups to help us with our counting:

Let’s Get Fit | Count to 100 by 1’s | 100 Days of School Song | Counting to 100 | Jack Hartmann – YouTube

Count Together by 10’s | Counting Workout for Kids | Jack Hartmann Counting by 10s – YouTube

Count by 5’s | Exercise and Count By 5 | Count to 100 | Counting Songs | Jack Hartmann – YouTube

Count by 2 | Dancing 2’s | Skip Counting by 2 | Count to 100 | Educational Songs | Jack Hartmann – YouTube

Monday – One to one correspondence

Video: Aut1.3.1 – One to one correspondence on Vimeo

Worksheet: Y1-Autumn-Block-1-WO8-One-to-one-correspondence-2019.pdf (


Tuesday –  Compare Objects

Video: Aut1.3.2 – Compare objects on Vimeo

Worksheet: Y1-Autumn-Block-1-WO9-Compare-objects-2019.pdf (


Wednesday – Symbols (greater than, less than, equal to)

Video: Aut1.3.3 – Introduce symbols on Vimeo

Worksheet:Y1-Autumn-Block-1-WO10-Introduce-_-_-and-2019.pdf (


Thursday – Compare numbers

Video: Aut1.3.4 – Compare numbers on Vimeo

Worksheet: Y1-Autumn-Block-1-WO11-Compare-numbers-2019.pdf (


Fluency Friday Activities

Greater than less than

Greater than less than 2

Numbots – Please find log ins at the front or back of your child’s home learning book!



We are reading The Worrysaurus by Rachel Bright and Chris Chatterton

Here is a link to the story on youtube to enjoy at home: The Worrysaurus – Children’s books read aloud / bedtime stories for kids. – YouTube


Monday – Comprehension/Reading.

Spend some time reading your school reading book and completing a comprehension. Choose phase 3/4/5 depending on your child’s ability.

phase 4

The Twins


Tuesday – Questions for The Worrysaurus

Use the word mat to choose a question word for the start of your sentence and don’t forget to put a question mark – ? at the end of your sentence!

word mat


Wednesday – the conjunction (joining word) ‘and’

Lesson Presentation

Activity Sheet Theo’s Party


Thursday – Can I use ‘and’/’because’ to explain why I have chosen the items in my happy tin?

Use the grid sheet to draw and label two items you would want to put into your happy tin. Then write a sentence using the conjunctions ‘and/because’ to justify your reasoning! E.g. I put a teddy and some sweets into my happy tin because they are cuddly and yummy.’

split sheet for pictures


Friday – Spelling

Spelling practise of tricky words


For extra reading online…

Try to read as much as you can at home. In the home learning packs you will find some additional reading books.

Also, check out the Oxford Owl website for FREE e-books. Just click on your child’s book band. E.g. Yellow, Green etc. You can also re-cap easier levels for practise or give your child a challenge.

Each week we have 1 reading skill lesson in Year 1. This week is inference – looking for clues. Why not look at your reading book – what is said about the characters? What can you see in the pictures? Have a chat with your grown up about it. 




This week we are recapping the ch, sh, oa, ow digraphs.

Here are some links to helpful videos that encourage your children to read (chop and blend) words. Then have a go at writing some of them and finally putting them into a sentence. Use this template for all phonics lessons: Lesson worksheet – use for all


ch – ‘ch’ Words | Blending Phonics Phase 3 – YouTube

3 words: chop, cheer, chimp

Sentence: The man held the chimp.



sh –‘sh’ Words | Blending Phonics Phase 3 – YouTube

3 words: shop, shrink, shell

Sentence: I went to the shop to get a shell.



oa – ‘oa’ Words | Blending Phonics Phase 3 – YouTube

3 words: coat, goat, float.

Sentence: Will the boat float?


ow – Phase 3 Phonics | ow Digraph – YouTube

3 words: queen, quick, quit.

Sentence: The queen is posh.



ow worksheet

sh and ch worksheet


For the teaching of phonics, we follow the Letters and Sounds document (link above including word/sound banks). Year One focuses on phase 5 of the document. This is 30 week journey and throughout there is constant revision of the earlier phases, particularly phase 3 and 4 within this phase.

‘Phonics Play’ is a great website which has games which relate to the phases.

You can start a free trial on the website at any time!



Foundation subjects –  History and Science

This week in History, we will be learning about the famous fossil hunter Mary Anning. We want to understand what a fossil is and what Mary Anning was famous for. Watch this clip and see what you can find out!

Mary Anning – Fossil hunter – BBC Bitesize

Use the computer to do any further research you need then create a fact sheet about Mary Anning using the link below:

Mary Anning writing frame

Word Mat


Then have a go at matching up these dinosaurs to their fossil/skeleton:

Cut and stick the fossils

In Science we are continuing to think about the 4 seasons and weather. Can you remember their names?

This week we will be talking/thinking about day length and how it changes from Autumn to Winter.

But first, can you remember the names of the equipment we are using to measure rainfall, temperature and wind? If not, watch this video to remind yourself!

Making weekly weather recordings – KS1 Geography – BBC Bitesize


Next we are going to create some Autumn/Winter day disks which show how the day length changes. Follow the instructions to create your disks. Make sure to only complete the Autumn/Winter disks.

Seasonal Changes day discs


Once you have done that you might like an extra challenge – Mastery Mo says ‘Can you choose the correct words to describe how the day length changes from Autumn to Winter?’

Mastery Mo





With all of these key Year One objectives in mind, please can I point you in the direction of the Pobble 365 website. This site shares an amazing new picture every day! On here it gives story starter suggestions, gives you the chance to fix ‘poorly’ sentences and make them more exciting, choose the correct punctuation and other many fun ideas.  This will give your children to write to their ability in applying all of the above key skills. Year One is about repeating these opportunities so that children can gain confidence as writers and get the chance to embed these skills when they further develop their writing as they continue to learn.

I have compiled a help sheet for parents with some more guidance of how you can get the most out of using Pobble. Please click here:

Website Pobble Guidance for Parents


Have a look at the ‘Write Repeat’ website. It reminds your children how to form the cursive letters.

Maths Activities

The National Centre for the Teaching of Mathematics (NCETM) have launched new videos demonstrating the teaching key maths skills.

Carol Vorderman, maths genius, has her own website ‘The Maths Factor’. This is usually a paid subscription, but she has made the resource free during this period.

We would encourage you to take full advantage of the Numbots subscription which was sent home during March.  This subscription has been extended and is therefore a great tool to continue these number facts over the summer. This helps the children to practise their mental maths skills such as their number facts, number bonds etc. (Please e-mail if you have misplaced your child’s username and password).

Additionally, the website IXL has over 233 games for Year One children. You can pay to be a member, but you’re allowed to play a game daily for free.

We have been working on counting in 2s. We are looking at showing these in arrays (organised patterns) to be able to count them clearly. For example, 3 lots of 2 would be 2s in columns of 2, 3 times.


Our PSHE (personal, social and health education) follow and use this scheme in school. The children love it (just ask them about Deedee!) and it has a wealth of resources. Please sign up and you can have these e-mailed to you. They include videos and ideas of activities. This comes highly recommended.

Sign up here: 

Coronavirus Explained

Coronavirus-A-Book-for-Children (1)

This book has been written by a fellow teacher for children during this time. Click this link to download the text for free.


Timetable and curriculum overviews can be found below:

Autumn 1 – Dinosaur World

Autumn 2 – Ancient Egyptians

Spring 1 – London is burning!

Spring 2 – Up to the sky!

Summer 1 – Please Miss Hartshorne!



Timetable Year 1

Year 1 SPAG Overview

Year 1 Maths Mastery Overview


Parents, please click on the link below for my ‘Meet the teacher’ slide show, it has useful information about the timetable, homelearning routines and our new topic!

Year 1 – Meet the teacher September 2020


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