Year 3

Welcome to Year Three!

During the Summer Term we will be learning about the Romans! In Year Three we will become Historians and learn about what life was like as a Roman, and even create our own Roman mosaics!

Practical Maths- 16/4/2018

In maths we have been learning about different units of measurement, and we had so much fin measuring our friends in metres and centimetres!


Home Learning!

During Summer 1, Year Three will be given alternating Math and English Home learning each week. This will be accompanied by spellings and their reading book. Don’t forget to keep playing times tables rock stars to become a times table legend!

Try this fun website to help learn your times tables!


End of the topic!

We have come to the end of our Greek topic during Spring 2, but we have had so much fun learning and discovering life as a Groovy Greek!