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Monday, 29th June 2020

Monday, 22nd June 2020

Monday, 15th June 2020


T T R S Battle Results


Year 4 – you continue to amaze me even though you have not been in school. 21 of you took part in the battle last week – NEARLY EVERYONE!



As you can see – The Lightning Strikes won this time!


Flaming Rockers Top 3: Jack (3rd), Jasmine (2nd), Keira (1st)

The Lightning Strikes Top 3: Marianne (3rd), Imogen (2nd), Toby H-C (1st)


Well done to: Mia, Eva G, Lola, Eva D, Nicole, Fin, Millie in Flaming Rockers too!

Well done to: Noah E, Sebastian, Freddie, Isabelle, Will, Thomas, Jess, Toby B in Lightning Strikes too!


For those in the top 3 in each band, certificates have been sent to your email addresses – if you don’t receive yours please let me know!


Monday, 8th June 2020


Monday, 1st June 2020

Good Morning, everyone! I hope you all enjoyed the beautiful weather at half term. Wasn’t it wonderful? I have been busy getting your learning ready for the week, and you will see it all below this message. There are all sorts of different lessons for you and I hope you find them interesting.

This week, I will be working with Oldfields to set your new groups and be talking to them about your learning. Hopefully, I will be able to give you some information on all of this in a few weeks time! If you didn’t see the Y4 video from Mr. Gliddon, Mrs. Fowler and Mr. Parkes – ask your parents to check Oldfields’ Facebook page.

As I told you before the holidays, I will be in school more regularly now – so if you email me, I might be a little slower to reply. But please keep emailing me – I love hearing from you. I will also be telephoning some of you this week – especially those who I have not yet spoken to on the phone. I have really enjoyed talking to you all. I miss you!

Stay in touch, Y4 – I can’t wait to see you all.

Mr H


Friday, 22nd May 2020: Half Term Update!


Wednesday, 20th May 2020

Today I have been very busy doing all sorts of important jobs with Mrs. Speake! We spent the morning sweeping outside, getting school ready for some children to return next month. We also did lots of tidying and cleaning in the classroom by putting away lots of the things on the side tables. I would also like to say how fantastic it was to see Mia (and Faith) at school on Tuesday! Thank you for popping in! I also saw Thomas in the tractor! I saw you waving!

I have also been emailing Oldfields and getting some information ready for them all about you. They have lots of things prepared to help you all move school – so don’t worry!

I hope you are enjoying this week’s learning, everyone! Keep emailing!


Monday, 18th May 2020

Sunday 17th May: Europe Shine A Light

On Saturday evening, I watched a special programme called Eurovision: Europe Shine a Light – which was shown on television instead of the big Eurovision Song Contest – where European countries send someone to represent them and sing a song. Unfortunately, just like how school is closed – the song contest was cancelled. However – I really liked this video of famous buildings all around Europe lit up! How many famous buildings in Europe do you recognise? Which place is the odd one out? How many musical instruments do you recognise?



Friday, 15th May 2020

Good Morning everyone! It’s nearly the end of another week and I am still very proud of you all. I have heard from many of you this week – thank you for getting in touch. I know how hard it is not seeing your friends and coming to school like normal.

Along with your daily English and maths, there is some Pokémon themed yoga for Friday’s PE lesson! Feel free to send me a photo of you doing your best Squirtle or Charmander impression!

I am sure you will enjoy all of the learning.


Tuesday, 12th & Wednesday, 13th May 2020

Good Morning, everyone! Monday was lovely because I received more emails than any other day so far from you all! Thank you to the families of Isabelle, Toby H-C, Mia, Marianne, Jasmine, Bas and Keira for getting in touch. I have been very busy getting all the learning ready for the rest of this week – and wow – we have some great things to be doing. There’s French on Tuesday, Art on Wedesday, computing on Thursday and some Pokémon themed yoga in PE on Friday! Hopefully, you will find it interesting. Today’s update contains learning for the next two days. This is because I will be teaching in class with the children at school on Tuesday so won’t have any time to upload. So you can all be extra prepared!

Monday, 11th May 2020

– Apologies; my updates from 6 & 7th May seemed to vanish –

Tuesday, 5th May 2020

Hello, Year 4! I hope everyone is OK today! It is Tuesday and time for today’s lessons. It was fantastic to hear from Toby H-C, who has been very busy. Thank you also to Keira for getting in touch! I love hearing from you. And it was fab to hear from Nicole – working outside: lucky you!  Thank you ALL for staying in touch. I also had a meeting with Mrs. Hanson today online – so you know, she is doing fine and would like to say hello! Feel free to email Mrs. Hanson about any of the RE learning you have been doing (the RE learning can be found on Mrs. Hanson’s page).


A message for parents/carers from Mr H:

Thank you to all the parents/carers for the wonderful feedback about the Y4 Learning Zone. It is difficult to create meaningful learning opportunities online – but thankfully, there are so many great resources out there now that things have become a little easier. I am trying my best to make it clear what you can do each day, and to upload this the night before. Please remember: the likelihood of academic outcomes being the same at home as we would expect in school are slim. Just do your best. I am grateful for all the effort you are making, I really am.

If your child is finding some of the maths learning too challenging then please note that there are other year groups’ activities from White Rose (Y2/Y3). However, remember – some of the learning I am setting *should* be challenging so only consider this if the concept is proving extremely difficult for your child. If, on the other hand your child is getting through some of the learning too quickly then please try to avoid going to Y5 learning. Instead, you should go deeper into the same Y4 concept. For example, may I draw your attention to MyMiniMaths – where if you scroll down the page you will find lots of questions matched to Y4 expectations.

Please stay safe. Stay healthy. And I will see you soon.

Monday, 4th May 2020

Good Morning. Do let me know how you got on with the music on Thursday and Friday! Thank you to those of you who emailed me towards the end of last week. Toby H-C – I love hearing from you. Noah E – thanks for always making me smile when you get in touch. Jasmine – I am so impressed with your TTRS speed! Joseph – it was great to hear about how much you have been out on your bike! Isabelle – I loved seeing all of your learning!

This week, we have four days of learning to complete. Learning will always be uploaded the afternoon/evening before. Each day, like normal, there will be English, maths, reading plus one other subject which will change each day. It is VE Day later this week, so you can expect some learning to do with our Second World War topic later this week.

As usual – if you have any questions please email me. If you didn’t see my video about Condover Hall and transition to your new schools, please click here to go and watch it. Remember to email me your class companions choices for next year.


T T R S Band Battle Results


Well done to the boys who won the battle! It was really close! Congratulations to everyone who took part.

Joseph, Finley, Will, Thomas, Sebastian, Noah E and Toby H-C for the boys

Eva G, Jess, Millie, Isabelle, Nicole, Keira, Jas, Imogen, Marianne and Mia for the girls.

Toby H-C, Mia, Noah E, Marianne, Sebastian and Imogen have all earned a TTRS Certificate – you should have received this by email on Friday. Do let me know if you didn’t.


Thursday, 30th April / Friday, 1st May 2020

Today, I have a very important video for you to watch. The video quality is not as good as usual because it is a longer video. Please watch it all and listen very carefully:

Wednesday, 29th April 2020

Hello Year 4! I was in school on Tuesday and am also in school today. I can’t believe it is raining! Oh well… it’s good for the grass! Thank you to those of you who have emailed me!

**You should have received a letter about transition to your new schools via ParentMail. If you haven’t please either email me or the school office**

I would like to say a big well done to Freddie: I loved how you used maltesers to show the differences between solids, liquids and gases! It looked like you had a lot of fun learning about it all!

I have also been logging in to Times Tables Rock Stars! 

Well done to the following children who have all logged in during the last week:

  • JOVIAL Jasmine!
  • JOYOUS Joseph!
  • LOVELY Lola!
  • KEEN Keira!
  • JAZZY Jack!
  • TERRIFIC Toby B!
  • IMPECCABLE Isabelle!
  • NICE Noah E!
  • PROUD Poppy!
  • JESTING Jess!
  • TOP Thomas!
  • MARVELLOUS Marianne!
  • INSPIRING Imogen!
  • SUPERB Sebastian!

There is a TTRS band battle running on Wednesday and Thursday between the boys and girls. SO GET LOGGING IN!

Starts Wednesday at 9.00am

Ends Thursday at 3.00pm

Tuesday, 28th April 2020

Good Morning, everyone! I hope you re all OK today. It has been a little bit cooler I noticed, so gone are the shorts!

I have had some lovely emails from a few of you. Isabelle – thank you for the photographs. I love how you have a routine of doing the learning zone activities in the morning and then other things in the afternoon. I know that this is also how a few other children are learning best, too. Keep me updated. I also heard from Mia who has been very busy with learning and also doing lots of walks! Well done!

I hope you enjoy the learning on Tuesday. Please feel free to email me sometime this week if you haven’t already.

Mr H

Monday, 27th April 2020

Friday, 24th April 2020

Hello everyone! It’s Friday! It was fantastic to hear from Jack! I loved your skills – wow! It’s great to see you have been busy doing lots of learning. It was also great to hear from Thomas, William, Millie, Noah E, Bas, Joseph and Nicole. Guys – thanks so much for getting in touch. Seeing your smiling faces and the things you have been doing is really cheering me up!

Today, I have been at school with Mrs. Hanson working really hard getting lots of plans together for our new teacher and we have been doing some interviews all day! We will no doubt be able to let you know soon who our new teacher at Richard Clarke will be.

I have added some new art (illustrations) for Friday along with writing the last part of your fantasy stories! I have also left English from Wednesday and Thursday up for you to look back – as we have been writing our fantasy stories over 3 days. All of this week’s learning is also up – the history, science, French and geography that we have done.

Have a great weekend everyone – I will be back with more learning and updates on Monday morning. I will be doing a video on Monday so keep an eye out for that!


Wednesday, 22nd April 2020

It has been GREAT to hear from lots of you. Toby H-C emailed me his learning about air raid shelters, plus it was great to hear from Fin, Noah E, Millie, Jasmine and Imogen! Well done guys. I have been in school the past couple of days with Mrs. Hanson. Everything seemed OK you will be pleased to know!


Tuesday, 21st April 2020

Thank you to the children who emailed me Happy Birthday yesterday! It has also been really nice to hear from Keira, Imogen, Toby, Jasmine and Freddie during the holidays! I would also like to say a massive thanks to Noah E for the lovely card and it was fab to see Jess today – lovely cake! I also spoke to Toby B on the phone, as we share birthdays – I hope you had a lovely time, Toby!

There is a new maths lesson today, new links for reading added and a new history lesson. You also have your English story plan to think about. Tomorrow (Wednesday), we will start writing our fantasy stories.

Email me:


Learning Updates from Summer 1: 20th April – 22nd May 2020

We will be asking KS2 children to take part in the Joy of Moving home school festival!  Click here for the link with lots of activities that you can do at home! If you could do some activity on Friday, 22nd May that would be great – but if not – have a go any day you can!

Joy of Moving home school festival booklet

Half Term Wellness: Activities for my Y4 class



ENGLISH 18-22 May 2020: around 60 minutes a day 


Daily Reading! We use the Oxford Owl scheme in school. You should be able to tell which colour book band you are currently working on. If you click on the Oxford Owl picture below, it will take you to their website. They have added some FREE texts for you to read while school is closed. Click on the ‘levels’ box then ‘book band’ – and then choose the correct colour book band (it should be the same as the one you have at home). Remember, with all books – there are lots of activities you can do by clicking here.

Click on the Oxford Owl to be taken to your free reading texts:

Writing Activities!


This week, we are going to use Pobble to help us with our writing. There are five different story themes.  For each of them, you will find:

  • A story starter and questions for you to answer on pages 1 and 2
  • A sentence challenge on page 3
  • Sick sentences to improve on page 4
  • ‘Perfect Picture’ activity on page 5

When you click on one of the story themes, you can do the activities in any order although you definitely need to read the short text on page 1 first.

Click on the topic you would like to do and it will take you straight there! During this week you should do 2 or 3 of the story themes – so choose the ones you like the most!



resource image



resource image



resource image



resource image


THANK YOUresource image


MATHS 20-22 May 2020: around 30 to 45 minutes a day

This week’s maths focuses on recapping some things that we have looked at recently including tenths and hundredths, equivalent fractions and fractions greater than 1.

Need a challenge? Need more learning? For more maths activities at Y4 level please click here!

If you have found this week’s maths activities a little too difficult, please try activities on this page.






Monday Worksheet: Tenths & Hundredths

Monday Answers: Tenths & Hundredths


For Tuesday and Wednesday, have a look at this before you start the lessons. It will remind you of when we looked at this in class during February:

Fraction Wall - WordUnited


Tuesday Worksheet: Equivalent Fractions (lesson 1)

Tuesday Answers: Equivalent Fractions (lesson 1)


Wednesday Worksheet:Equivalent Fractions (lesson 2)

Wednesday Answers: Equivalent Fractions (lesson 2)


Thursday Worksheet: Fractions greater than 1

Thursday Answers: Fractions greater than 1


Friday: Click on the White Rose Maths logo to be taken to the Maths Challenge on Friday


Please also play Times Tables Rock Stars each day using the app or website.


Wednesday. 20th May: Art

Did you enjoy your textile treasure hunt last week? It’s now time for the second lesson with Mrs. Cara. You will be looking at drawing skills and how to use texture to make your drawings more interesting! Just click on the box to be taken straight to your lesson!


Thursday, 21st May: Science

This lesson is designed to recap some of the learning we did in the spring term all about vertebrates and invertebrates. Before you start – do you remember MRS. GREN? Do you remember the 7 life processes of living things?

MRS GREN | St Stephen's C of E Primary School

Click here to go to your lesson about vertebrates and invertebrates!


Friday, 22nd May: Geography

I was out and about on Cannock Chase on Sunday. It was a lovely walk – it’s so great living nearby. During the walk, I used a map to make sure I didn’t get lost. Map skills are so important! In fact, you did a lesson about maps recently. Now it’s time to make you all into master map readers! There’s a great lesson all about contours, keys and symbols. Click on the logo below and you’ll go straight to the lesson!

Harvey Superwalker - Cannock Chase Map



Additional Daily PE: 30 minutes a day

Please continue to do PE with Joe each day. He goes live at 9.00am but you can watch it on catch-up any time by going on to his YouTube channel.


Monday, 18th May 2019: Design Technology


Activity 1

Learn the basis of designing and working to a design specification! Click on the BBC Bitesize logo above to be taken straight to this hands-on lesson!


Tuesday, 19th May: History


It is time for the second lesson on the Norman Conquest – what happened in 1066 to mark the end of the Saxon and Viking times in England. Mrs Gaiman is ready for you – so click on the lesson box below and be taken back nearly 1,000 years!


PE Friday 15th May: Yoga

We have done a Yoga Kids activity activity in school before with Mrs. Murray, and today I would like you to have a go at this Pokémon themed yoga in your own homes. Get your family to join too if you like! Here is the video… just find a space and get ready to become a true Pokémon Master! Send your best Pokémon poses to Mr. Hindhaugh!


Computing 14th May: Sequencing, programming and making computers work

Today, I would like you to do some computing! We’ve been using the computer a lot to help us with our learning over the past few weeks – but have you ever stopped to think… ‘How does this work?’. Your lesson today is really interesting and will definitely get your brain whirring. Just how DO we get computers to do what we want? Click on the computer picture to be taken straight to your lesson!

What is a Computer?



Friday 15th May English: Today, I would like you to a full reading lesson. You should have, of course been doing some reading each day of the week anyway – but today, we’re going to do a little more using a book called Dindy and the Elephant. 

BLURB: Terrified by wild animals and snubbed by the local children, Dindy starts to realise how little she knows about India, even though it’s the only place she has ever called home. But her life is about to be turned upside down as her father tells her they are leaving India for good. Published by Macmillan Children’s Books.

To listen to the extract from the text, and complete the activities – please click HERE. If you enjoy the book, maybe it’s one you could look to get hold of! Then you could read it in full!


Thursday 14th May writing: It’s all about PARAGRAPHS today! This is one of the most important Year 4 writing targets – so please pay attention! It’s often easier to read something if the writing is split up into sections, or paragraphs! Many of us have used paragraphs to separate different sections of a story, or newspaper report for example. Today, I would like you to have a go at the different activities all about paragraphs – and make sure you try and use them – especially in longer pieces of writing! We don’t want our writing to look like this:

Click on the Bitesize logo to be taken straight to the lesson!

BBC Bitesize - Ayresome Primary School


French Tuesday 12th May: Vegetables

You should have received a password to Linguascope on 31st March. If you didn’t receive a password, please email me ( for a log-on. We use Linguascope in French lessons in schools so this should be familiar for the children in my class.

This week’s instructions: After you have logged in, please click the French flag in the beginner box. Firstly, you should go on to ‘L’alimentation’ again and click on ‘les fruits’. Have a go at a couple of the games to see what you have remembered from the last lesson, which was about fruits When you have done this for about 10 minutes, go back to the menu, choose ‘L’alimentation’ again and then I would like you to click on ‘Les légumes’ (pronounced: leh-gooms – which means ‘vegetables’).  Click on ‘presentation’ to learn (and hear) the new words. Make sure you repeat them carefully. There are then lots of different games you can play (Jeu de Memoire is the memory game – but there are loads of others too). If you click on ‘Imprime une fiche’ – a worksheet will open. These are just like the ones we sometimes use in class! You can print them out and have a go at the activities.

Try to avoid doing too many different topics though, as I will choose different ones for you to do next week. However, if you want to practise some of the topics we have done already in Y4 then try clicking:

1 Moi et ma famille / Ou j’habite (saying where we live)

2 Moi et ma famille / Les membres de la famille (family members)

3 La vie au quotidien / Dans ma trousse (items in a pencil case)

4 Les Loisirs  / Sports de l’interieur (indoor sports)

5 Les Loisirs / Sports de l’exterieur (outdoor sports)

6 Moi et ma famille / Les Animaux (pets)

7 Mon environnement / Les animaux sauvages (wild animals)

8 L’alimentation / Le fruits (fruits)


Art Wednesday, 13th May: Textures Treasure Hunt

The wonderful Mrs. Cara is a fantastic art teacher and she has some great lessons for you over the next three weeks! The first lesson is for you today – and is all about texture. Is that a word you have heard of before? Do you know what it means? Before starting the lesson, see if you can find out from someone in your family or by looking in a dictionary! The artwork below is by Max Ernst, and he uses a techique called frottage. You will be learning all about these techniques today. To get started with your lesson and meet Mrs. Cara, just click on the artwork below!

Frottage – Art Term | Tate


Tuesday 12th May writing: Today, you’re going to be exploring apostophes. This is something that you first learned about in Year 2, and continued to learn about in Year 3 and Year 4. So you should already  have a good idea about what an apostophe is. The thing is, we still make lots of mistakes when we’re using apostophes – so regular practise is important. Before you do the lesson, have a read of these few sentences and think… Why are there apostophes in them? What are they for?

Year Four were missing their friends because they hadn’t been able to go school for two months! Their teacher couldn’t wait to see them all again as soon as possible so, in the meantime, he posted messages and videos on the learning zone for them to watch. Year Four’s classroom was empty. Hopefully, it, wouldn’t be very long until children were there again!

Did you notice the apostophes? Now that you have read that, it’s time to click forward to BBC Bitesize for today’s lesson. Oh look – there was another apostophe there! They really are everywhere… Click the Bitesize logo below!

BBC Bitesize - Ayresome Primary School

Wednesday 13th May writing: Today, we’re going to look at inverted commas. This is something that we did look at earlier in Year 4, but it has now been a while. Inverted commas are sometimes called speech marks.

  • Can you think of when inverted commas would be used in a story? You might have used some in your fantasy stories!

The lesson is on BBC Bitesize, similar to yesterday’s learning. The lesson includes two videos for you to watch and three activities. Click on the Bitesize logo to go straight to the lesson!

BBC Bitesize - Ayresome Primary School

History: Monday 11th May

The Norman Conquest of England

We are going to be learning all about The Norman Conquest in 1066! This fits in BRILLIANTLY to our work on Saxons and Vikings earlier in Y4. It’s time to find out what happened in 1066 and what brought an end to Saxon and Viking times in England. You will be learning with history teacher Mrs. Gaiman. Click below to start the lesson – I bet it’s going to be really interesting (but also maybe a bit gruesome!)!

English Poetry Unit: 4-11 May

4th May: Our focus this week is poetry! We have done a little bit of poetry this year, but not much. So hopefully this week you will learn lots of things. Some of the words you are going to hear – such as personification, alliteration, rhyme… you will have heard of before either from me or one of your old teachers. The lessons are from two really nice teachers called Ms Leonard and Mrs Cooke. They are primary school teachers just like me and are really good at English. We will be using the Oak National Academy website for our English this week. So follow the instructions. There will be videos for you to watch, activities for you to do and things for you to write. Just click on the green box to get started on lesson 1!



5th May: It is time to join Ms Leonard and Ms Cooke again for day two of our English unit all about poetry! Make sure you have a pen and your book (or some paper) ready to start. Today’s lesson is all about language so I do hope you pick up some useful tips! I hope you all managed to find the independent activities yesterday? You will find them by clicking on the fourth green dot when you are in the lesson. But remember to do the pages in order and watch the videos. Ms Leonard will tell you what you need to do as you are doing the lesson. Click on the big green box to start today’s lesson!


6th / 7th May: It’s time to join Ms Leonard again for your lessons focusing on poetry. The first lesson focuses on the features of poetry and the second looks at expanded noun phrases. You are all going to be poetry wizards at the end of this topic! Click on the first box to be taken to Wednesday’s lesson (lesson 3), and the box below for Thursday’s lesson (lesson 4). There is one more lesson on poetry, but I will give you this lesson for Monday next week. So, when Miss keeps saying ‘tomorrow’ on Thursday’s lesson – you will be doing that on Monday (because it’s a Bank Holiday on Friday).


11th May: On Monday, I would like you to complete the final lesson on poetry with Ms. Leonard. After our other lessons on poetry – using The Magic Box by Kit Wright, the time has come to plan and write your very own poem! When you have written your poem, perhaps you can write it onto special paper and draw a border? Similar to what we do for the handwriting competition. You will find the lesson link below the poem!

The Magic Box by Kit Wright | Teaching Resources



History: What is VE Day and why is it celebrated?

VE Day 75 | Remembrance Events | Royal British Legion

On Friday, it will be the 75th anniversary of VE Day. Do you know what VE stands for? That’s right – Victory in Europe! This happened on 8th May 1945. This meant that the war in Europe was over. Our learning this week will be all about this – and there will be some interesting activities for you to do.

First of all, check out this video to find out about what VE Day was…


1 Click to download the resource pack: Picture News Special Resource – VE Day 75th Anniversary 2020 (1)

The pack has got all the instructions that you will need and some information. It also contains some links to videos.

2 To download the poem click here: VE Day 75th Anniversary Resource – April 2020


More FUN activities about VE Day! Check them all out…

VE Day D&T

VE Day Art

VE Day Morse Code

VE Day Writing

VE Day Reading

VE Day Bunting


Music from 5th May TBQ: Can I sing a major scale?

Because there won’t be any learning on the Learning Zone this Friday, I have decided to put this week’s music lesson up today. Tomorrow and Thursday, there will be a history focus because of VE Day – so you can look forward to that. Today, Miss Roberts has a singing lesson. Maybe you could do the lesson with a member of your family? It is going to be lots of fun! Click on the lesson box below to go straight there!


PSHEe from 4th May TBQ: Can I explain what teamwork is and give a range of benefits?

Today, I would like you to do some work on wellbeing. We have talked about this in school – especially when we talked about feelings such as worry, anger and jealousy with Darlee. This is a BBC Bitesize lesson all about teamwork and how it is important. Because, we won’t be going to Condover Hall, we’ll be missing out on some of these activities there so I thought it would be a good idea for you think about this week while you are at home. Hopefully, by the end of this lesson you will feel really good because you are all going to think about what you are good at and how this could help in a team! Click on the BBC Bitesize logo to go straight to this uplifting lesson!

BBC Bitesize - Ayresome Primary School

Music from Thursday, 30th April and Friday, 1st May

There are two music lessons I would like you to do this week! One on Thursday and one on Friday. They are both with the fantastic Miss Roberts (who you can see in the picture). The first lesson is all about pulse and the second is all about beat boxing! I have watched the lessons through and they are great fun!




English from 27th April to 1st May:

Writing: This week, we are going to have a focus on grammar and sentence work. So far during the lockdown, we have mainly focused on writing descriptions of characters, settings and then writing our fantasy stories. This week will be a bit different and we will be using a mixture of BBC Bitesize and Twinkl to help us with all of our learning. Every day, I will add a new activity link for you to complete.

Monday: I would like you to complete the lesson on pronouns by clicking on the BBC Bitesize logo below. Pronouns are a Y4 target. Follow the instructions on the page. It is really important you remind yourself what we mean by common and proper nouns first, which you can do on the page. There is a worksheet from twinkl which you can download here.  If you can, please print, trim and then stick in the worksheet into your books. If you can’t print, then you can still do the online activities and write some of it up into your books.

BBC Bitesize - Ayresome Primary School


Tuesday: I would like you to complete the lesson on Expanded Noun Phrases. You will need to watch the video(s), then complete the activities. Remember: you can use more than one adjective to describe a noun, and should use a comma to separate them. For example: the cold, icicle-covered cave. The interested, grown-up boy. Click the Bitesize logo to go straight to this lesson.

BBC Bitesize - Ayresome Primary School

Wednesday: So far this week we have reminded ourselves all about pronouns and expanded noun phrases in our week of SPaG  activities for English. Today, we’re going to recap about verbs. Past tense (where we often add -ed to the root word), present tense and future tense. There are lots of activities for you to do during this BBC Bitesize lesson.

Mr H’s TOP TIP – some children still use the suffix -t for past tense, even though this is incorrect: for example walkt and talkt. The -ed is really important!

BBC Bitesize - Ayresome Primary School

Thursday: So far this week, we have learned about pronouns, expanded noun phrases and verb tenses. Can you remember and explain what all of these are? Today, I would like you to learn about adverbs and adverbial phrases. The learning starts off by reminding you about what an adverb is, and then gets down to adverbial phrases. When you come to do the activities, you might want to use this word mat to help you. Click on the BBC Bitesize symbol to be taken to the lesson:

BBC Bitesize - Ayresome Primary School

Friday: Wow! What a week of SPaG we have had! Today is the last day of this week’s SPaG adventure and we’ll be looking at prepositions! You should already have lots of ideas about what a preposition is because we sing the song in class… let’s start by singing:

Now, you are going to click through to the BBC Bitesize lesson and complete the activities!

BBC Bitesize - Ayresome Primary School

French from 29th April: Les Fruits

You should have received a password to Linguascope on 31st March. If you didn’t receive a password, please email me ( for a log-on. We use Linguascope in French lessons in schools so this should be familiar for the children in my class.

After you have logged in, please click the French flag in the beginner box. Firstly, you should go on to ‘Mon environnement’ again and click on ‘les animaux sauvages’. Have a go at a couple of the games to see what you have remembered from the last lesson, which was about wild animals. When you have done this for about 10 minutes, go back to the menu and choose ‘L’alimentation’ (food). I would like you to then click on ‘Les fruits’. You might be able to guess what it is going to be about…! Click on ‘presentation’ to learn (and hear) the new words. Make sure you repeat them carefully. There are then lots of different games you can play (Jeu de Memoire is the memory game – but there are loads of others too). If you click on ‘Imprime une fiche’ – a worksheet will open. These are just like the ones we sometimes use in class! You can print them out and have a go at the activities.

Try to avoid doing too many different topics though, as I will choose different ones for you to do next week. However, if you want to practise some of the topics we have done already in Y4 then try clicking:

1 Moi et ma famille / Ou j’habite (saying where we live)

2 Moi et ma famille / Les membres de la famille (family members)

3 La vie au quotidien / Dans ma trousse (items in a pencil case)

4 Les Loisirs  / Sports de l’interieur (indoor sports)

5 Les Loisirs / Sports de l’exterieur (outdoor sports)

6 Moi et ma famille / Les Animaux (pets)

7 Mon environnement / Les animaux sauvages (wild animals)

History from 28th April

TBQ: Can I explain what the Battle of Britain was?

Today, I would like you to learn about the Battle of Britain. This was an air battle between the German and British planes over the skies of southern England. The Germans wanted to capture England, as they had done France. As you can see from the map below, the German air bases were often located in France and Belgium:

Germany Attacks Britain - The Battle of Britain

I would now like you to watch this video from the BBC.

The Battle of Britain was very important, but as the video told you, the Germans kept on bombing British cities. Places like Coventry, which is about 1 hour from Abbots Bromley, were almost totally destroyed – factories, homes – all sorts.

I would like you to complete the Activity Sheet The Battle of Britain Key Facts.

Activity Sheet Instructions:

1 star sheets: These are slightly easier. The first page has 6 boxes. On the second page, you have 2 sets of the information which you need to put into these boxes. If you have a printer, you can cut and stick. There are two copies of the cut out words – you only need to use one side. You need to put them into chronological order into the boxes. If you want to learn even more, then on the third page, there is some more information.

2 star sheets: These are slightly more challenging. Follow the instructions on pages 3 and 4. You are also able to do some of your own research, make fact cards and make a timeline for the Battle of Britain!


What happened after the war?

Coventry Cathedral was bombed and destroyed – but after the war, a new cathedral was built next to the old one. A special link was built between the old and new buildings along with a peace memorial. There are also peace memorials in places like Dresden, which was one of the cities that was destroyed by the British and Americans:

Coventry Cathedral today – see the old, bombed cathedral on the left and the modern one on the right.

You can visit this place for free and it’s only an hour from Abbots Bromley!

BBC One - Antiques Roadshow - Coventry Cathedral

Dresden today – the city was rebuilt after the war:

Welcome - ICDEA 2018

Science from 27th April

TBQ: Can I describe and show the different properties of solids, liquids and gases?

Last week, we learned what we mean by solid, liquid and gas and you had to identify whether different things were solids, liquids or gases. If you missed last week’s lesson, you can find it by scrolling down this page. This week, you are going to think a little bit more scientifically about the differences between the three states of matter.

You need to understand that ‘matter’, whether it’s a solid, liquid or gas, is made up of tiny particles which are called atoms. Today, I want you to think about how these tiny particles are arranged differently depending on whether we have a solid, liquid or a gas!

Firstly, watch this YouTube video. I am sorry about the background music. Try to ignore the music, as the video is really good otherwise. Once you have watched the video, you should have a better understanding of what makes solids, liquids and gases different.

I would like you to draw a diagram to show the atoms in a solid, liquid and gas. It might look a bit like this:


KS2 Science Year 4 - 3 States of Matter - Solids Liquids and Gases ...

If we were at school, we would do a fun activity. I would ask the class to go outside, and spread out. Then, I would call out a different state of matter (like, “SOLID”) – and everyone would have to get tightly together. If I called out “LIQUID” – you would move around a little more, and if I called “GAS” you would float about even more. You could try playing this at home with your family.

After you have drawn, coloured and labelled your diagram, I would like you to write 2 or 3 sentences about each state of matter. You need to tell me what the differences are between them – and use words like particle, atom, rigid, volume. If you don’t understand any of these words after you’ve watched the video, check what they mean in a dictionary or online.

I hope you learn lots in science this week. Please complete this in your books.

Writing activities from week beginning 20th April: Fantasy Stories!

Activity 1:  You should have finished your Fantasy Story plan on Monday and Tuesday by using the planning help sheet.   Now, we are ready to start writing our fantasy story! Remember we know the features of fantasy stories are:

Features of a fantasy | Teaching Resources

We did lots of learning in class about all of this.

Story Opening

I would like you to write the opening to your story. This means you need to introduce the characters and setting. But remember: Fantasy Stories usually start in OUR world – you’ll need to have a portal to get into the magical land! I have been doing some modelling just like I would in class – so have a read of mine. See what you think. Can you spot any fronted adverbials? Have I included commas? Are there any good adjectives and expanded noun phrases? What about subordinate clauses? Did I use any conjunctions (connectives) to join two different ideas (clauses) together?

It was an ordinary day in Finchley, London and the hot, summer sun was shining in the sky. The children were in the garden thinking about the homework that they needed to finish for school. The four children were named Peter, Lucy, Edmund and Susan. They were between 9 and 15 years old and mostly got on quite well. Their father, who was called Bill, was fighting in the war and they hadn’t seen him for six long months. As the children thought about doing their homework, Edmund, who was the grumpiest of the children, complained about something stabbing him in the back. Prod. Prod. Prod. “Oww”, shouted Edmund, looking at Lucy trying to find someone to blame. But before Lucy had a chance to say it wasn’t her, the ground started to tremble. The four children grabbed each other in a circle and closed their eyes. Suddenly, everything went silent – and when the children opened their eyes they knew where they were. They were back… in Narnia!

What did you think of mine? I bet you could do even better. Did you spot some good things in my writing? Have a go at writing your opening today. When you have done it – ask yourself if you have included some good things in it.

Please check your spelling. Don’t make mistakes between were/where, our/are and which/witch. Otherwise you will get my glare of doom.


Story Build Up/Dilemna:

Looking at Fantasy-World Technology – A Writer's Path

You should have written your story opener now on Wednesday. What great things did you manage to include? Did you have some kind of portal into your fantasy world? Did you use any ideas from Narnia or Hawkstone Park? Who are your characters? What are they like? And what fantastic sentence ingredients did you include? Remember… commas after fronted adverbials!

Today it’s time to look at the main part of your story. This is the build-up to your problem/dilemma. In other words… things need to start getting interesting and exciting. You need to check the Fantasy Story checklist to make sure you keep the style correct. You can also use suspense (short sentences, exciting vocabulary) to get the reader really interested and excited with your story. We need to meet the villain! Just like in Narnia there is Jadis or Miraz and how in Harry Potter there is Voldemort. Start thinking about what is going to happen to your characters. Remember to describe things really well and paint a picture for the reader.

I can’t wait to see what you all come up with!


Story Resolution/Ending:

This week we have planned our fantasy story, written our opening and written our build up/dilemma. That means that most of our story is now complete. However, we need to solve the problem! Just like how in Narnia, the great battle defeats Jadis – we need to come up with a way for our story to finish. Use your plan from the start of the week to help you. Please make sure that you include lots of expanded noun phrases to help you describe. Click here if you would like some extra help with that.

When you have finished your story, find someone in your house to be the guest reader. Let them have a look through your story. Ask them if it makes sense! Have you described things well? Is your punctuation correct? And then it will be time to keep the story safe, and have a go at today’s art!


Art lesson from 24th April: Drawing illustrations

16 Rare "Harry Potter" Illustrations From The Books' Artist

On Friday, I would like you to draw 3 or 4 pictures to go with your story. As it is a fantasy story, you might want to draw a landscape (setting). You might also want to draw a picture of your villain – so there might be a scary character! As Fantasy stories often contain magic, talking animals and spells… you might want to draw some of these things too. I have found a really good website which has loads of ideas for different things you could draw along with lots of tips! Click here to go to BBC Bitesize! My favourite videos are ‘how to draw a scary character’ on page 1 and ‘landscape drawing’ on page 2. You might get lots of creative ideas!

Geography lesson from 23rd April: Maps

TBQ: Can I read a map and use a compass?

Royal Geographical Society - Geography resources for teachers

Soon, we will be learning all about settlements in Y4 a part of some learning about our local area, villages, towns and cities. But, before we do, I would like you all to do this lesson BBC Bitesize all about reading a map and using a compass.

History lesson from 21st April: Air Raid Shelters

This week, I would like you to find out about and compare the difference between the three main types of shelters that people would have used if there was an air raid. Peter, Susan, Edmund, Lucy and their mum run into a shelter in their garden at the start of The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe. Maybe after you have done this learning, you will be able to say which kind of shelter it was!

Firstly, watch this BBC video. It’s about 10 minutes long and really interesting.

The three main types of shelter were called Anderson, Morrison and public shelters (which you would often find in cities). Use this website to find out more information – it has lot of photographs and information. Unfortunately, some of the links don’t work but if you want to find out more information, you can use Safe Search Kids to find out more. You are going to think about the difference between the shelters.

Click here for the worksheet I would like you to use. If you can print it, please do – if you can’t – you can write up in your book: Shelters Pros and Cons Learning Task


Science from Monday 20th April: States of Matter

Our new science topic for the summer term is “States of Matter” – learning all about the differences between solids, liquids and gases! I would like you to use this BBC page to help you learn what this means.

I would also like you to find out what all of the words in the box mean – you might already know some:

When you have done that, then print off Changing State Worksheet 1 and see if you can fill in all of the gaps! YIf you cannot print, then you can copy the sentences out. You can also check your answers on there. But make sure you know what we mean by state of matter, solid, liquid, gas and all the words in the box. Stick any learning in your book.

You could even use simple things in the kitchen to help show changes of state… do you have any ideas? Remember to ask an adult to help you stay safe if you are using anything in the kitchen.



Wednesday, 15th April 2020: Holiday Hello number 2!

Wednesday, 8th April 2020: Holiday Hello!

Friday, 3rd April: 10.30am – the end of the Spring Term

Good Morning, everyone! I have recorded a video for you today, which you can watch below. There is some new PE and English/Art learning for you today. You will also be able to finish off the learning that I have set over the past couple of weeks. How are your lions coming along? I’d like to say hello to Toby H-C for sending me your factfile and also great to hear from Keira who has been busy on IXL! Well done, you two!

Today is the end of the Spring term. We would have been having our Spring Sing this afternoon. Due to the lack of Spring Sing, check out this page and have a sing at home! 

I am sure the past two weeks have been difficult for some of you – as they are difficult for your parents, brothers, sisters, grandparents, aunties, uncles, friends, teachers – anybody. It isn’t easy not being able to go swimming, to the cinema, to your favourite restaurant or over to your friend’s house. It’s also been really hard not seeing friends at school and learning. But we have to remember that keeping ourselves at home helps our doctors and our nurses look after people who are poorly. Just liked we talked about in class together. Hopefully, it won’t go on for too long – but we don’t know. You just need to stay safe and be kind.

I will be around over Easter but I won’t be uploading learning to this page as I want you all to relax, play and have as much fun as you can. You do need to practise times tables and read as much as possible. If you want to keep a diary, that might be a nice idea too – and finish off any of the learning that you haven’t done yet.

I will be posting some updates on here, though – just to say hello – so keep an eye out every few days. I will not be checking my emails as regularly over the Easter period (I have been checking them all the time the past two weeks) but I will log-in occasionally.

So – to everyone of you in my class… I miss you! And to all the parents/families at home… I miss you too!

Thank you for working hard and being kind.

Mr H

Thursday, 2nd April: 11.00am

Wednesday, 1st April: 11.15am

Tuesday, 31st March: 9.00am

It’s French learning day today! You should be receiving a username and password to log-in to Linguascope. For instructions on what I would like you to learn, scroll down this page and look for the French flag. There is also a new maths lesson today (see below), PE with Joe and some time to complete the King Miraz writing activity. Along with your reading and times tables practise – there is plenty to do!

It’s also important to chill out and relax. What have you been doing to relax? I have been chatting online to my friends and my parents. I have also been reading some great books and finding time to watch a few movies! I have been missing the football, though – and I am sad that all of the theme parks are closed.

It was fantastic to hear from Thomas yesterday, who showed me some writing he has been doing along with loads of other things. Well done! I also heard from Toby H-C again who has been so busy! I am great to hear that you are working hard and trying your best at home.

Have a great day everyone, and I will be back in touch tomorrow.

Mr H 🙂

Monday 30th March: 2.00pm

Click below to see our new fence which has been installed outside the classroom on our new ramp!


French learning added – scroll down this page to find out more!

I hope everyone had a nice weekend! I am going to be passing through the village on Monday and Tuesday as I will be at school to check everything is OK. So if you see my banana mobile, you know it’s me!

If you have already completed the week one lessons on tenths and hundredths, then you can move onto the week two lessons which are here. Try to do one or two of the lessons per day – you don’t have to do one every day, but five over the week is a good idea (each lesson should take around 30 minutes) – along with regular Times Tables practise on TTRS.

Shout Outs:

Jess – you have beeen so busy! I loved your fractions photo! Keep it up!

Toby H-C for some amazing maths – you are brilliant. I have been so impressed with you so far!

Noah E – lots of maths too! You keep impressing me day after day with all your updates!

Mia – great to see you enjoying maths and it was great to hear that you are keeping a diary.

Imogen – you are so busy! Not only doing some great learning, but also looking after the lambs. I am impressed!

Jas – some fantastic Julian Opie inspired artwork plus I was really interested to find out about those witches. Scary!

WELL DONE EVERYONE – remember. If you would like a mention on here then drop me an email and give me an update!

Mr H 🙂

27th March: 11.00am

Good Morning everyone! I hope everyone is OK today. It has been a strange week having to stay in our home and gardens without really going anywhere else. Hopefully you have managed to do lots of fun activities such as drawing, colouring, being creative, playing some games… Of course, it would be great to do some learning aswell but remember: you don’t need to work all day like we would at school. The main thing is everyone is as happy as can be!

I have heard from loads of children over the past day including… TOBY H-C who has been doing some writing. Well done, you! MILLIE has been doing all sorts – you are such a busy girl! WILLIAM – your bug hotel was amazing and it was great to hear from you. JASMINE – like Millie, you have been doing all sorts! Keep it up! NOAH E has also been up to all sorts – I was impressed with your spelling! And NICOLE – it was great to see you learning and keeping in touch with others in your family. Well done.

Remember – there’s a new maths lesson that you can do today here. 

I have also changed some of the English learning – all to do with the evil King Miraz this week! Have a scroll down the page and you will be able to see.

I will not be updating the learning pages over the weekend, but I might do a little update on here – so keep checking it.

I am missing you all – can’t believe we have been off for a week already.

Bye for now everyone,

Mr H 🙂 xx

26th March: 10.30am

Good Morning everyone! Check out my video (below) and then have a look at some new maths learning which has been added! There are 5 lessons each with some activities to do. The learning is just like the kinds of things we do in class.  1- Watch the Video.. 2- Do the Activitiy.. 3 – Check your answers

It is helpful if you have a printer at home, but if not, you will still be able to do the videos and have a go at answering some questions yourself in your Extended Holiday Book!

25th March: 8.00pm – T T R S results!

Well done to the GIRLS! You won today’s T T R S tournament by a whopping 3,066 to 1,137! Big shout outs to Imogen, Keira, Mia, Isabelle and Eva G for the girls and Fin, Noah E, Will, Thomas and Joseph for the boys. Remember to log in to T T R S regularly and aim for that 6 second speed in the Shoutbox!

Goodnight, everyone!

Mr H 🙂

PS – some maths learning will be added to the Learning Zone on Thursday morning! Watch out!

25th March: 11.30am


 24th March 12.00noon

HELLO everyone! I have decided to put all the updates from the past few days in their own page, so click on the link above and you can read them all. I have added some exciting history learning ready on this page – so have a scroll down and you’ll see what it is! It was great to hear from Eva G last night who has been battling in Narnia, playing on TTRS *and* is starting to write a story! I also had a lovely message from Marianne – I love your routine! And thanks to Jasmine for your TTRS updates – your time is amazing. Jess – wow, that fraction work is awesome! And thanks mum for helping!! Keep the messages coming in, guys – and keep an eye out for learning updates. Here’s my school dinner today – it will be the last one made in our kitchen for a while!


23rd March 1.30pm

Hello everyone! I am updating you live from school! You’ll be pleased to know the classroom is fine. I had some pizza from the kitchen for my lunch! It was GREAT to hear from some of you! Hello to Noah E who has been busy designing a theme park, Toby H-C who has done an awesome drawing of a tank and is going to do some description to do with World War 2 – and Jas – I love your new dog Buster! He’s awesome! I hope some of you have managed to start some learning – PE with Joe was AWESOME this morning so check it out every day at 9am! But remember – wear shorts and t-shirts as it was hard work! Bye for now everyone! Mr H 🙂

22nd March 3.30pm

Good afternoon, everyone! So, tomorrow is the first day we’ll not be in school. But keep an eye out for my yellow car – I will be buzzing through the village as I head into school tomorrow. It was great to hear from Toby H-C earlier, who has been helping out with the sheep on the farm! Remember to get your routines sorted for tomorrow, and begin to do some learning in your Extended Holiday books. Bye for now! – Mr H 🙂

21st March 7.00pm

20th March 4.30pm

Well, what a funny day that was. Not quite sure when we’ll be back, but I do know that you are all amazing. In fact, that is why I gave you all my STAR OF THE WEEK today! Remember what I said: Be positive, thoughtful, kind and caring. Look after your brothers, sisters and don’t drive anybody mad. Have a routine, and use the learning I have given you to help. Remember if you would like a shout out on here – send me an email! And remember Y4… you’re the best! Mr H 🙂 xxx



Home Learning from weeks beginning 23 and 30 March 2020:

This page will be updated frequently with new things to learn, find out and enjoy! There are also lots of activities for you to complete in your home learning packs, which were given out on March 19th.

ENGLISH (with a bit of ART)

Fantasy Worlds often connect to our world using a portal, or special entrance. Can you think of the different ways the Pevensie children get into and also leave Narnia?

The Wardrobe is used in The Lion, The Witch and the Wardrobe:

The Underground takes them into a large cave at the start of Prince Caspian:

Aslan creates a portal in this tree at the end of Prince Caspian:

There are others! In The Voyage of the Dawn Treader, the children enter through a painting on the wall. To return, they walk back through a giant wall of water.

I would like you to come up with your own portal into Narnia – and another for leaving Narnia! Describe where it is located, how you can get to it and what it looks like. What happens when you are travelling to Narnia? Draw a picture of it. Please include some really good description in your writing.


Flat Catching Challenge – how many can you do in 1 minute? This is a great activity to develop catching skills! Try it at the three different distances and let me know how many you can do!

Reminder: PE with Joe – check out this live PE lesson every morning at 9.00am on YouTube.


TBQ: Can I name the different types of human teeth and explain what they do?

Today I have some science for you! I would like you to watch this video! It’s another great video from our friends – you’ll recognise them! Once you have watched the video twice, then there are two worksheets for you to complete. If you do not have a printer at home, then draw your own set of teeth *and* write a short explanation of the different types of teeth and what they do.

Teeth Labelling

On the teeth labelling worksheet, you need to complete the first page. Label the teeth correctly using the scientific names that you have learned. Perhaps you could colour each different type of tooth a different way? For example: molars could be green, canines could be red etc. Check your answers are correct using the answer sheets.

Teeth Crossword

On the teeth crossword sheet, you need to complete the second page (the first page has some science investigation ideas a bit like what we did in class with our egg experiment). On the crossword, some of the answers are easy… some are medium (you might need to remember some of the things we learned about the digestive system) but some are harder… and you may need to do some extra research!

When you have completed both, you can stick this in your book.


How to draw a lion: Step by Step

Aslan is the great lion and founder of Narnia. Do you remember we started to draw a lion in class using a step-by-step guide? Well… click on the link and that is the exact same video! You can restart your lion drawing on some plain paper. You might need an adult to help you at the start – do you remember we had to draw and measure some lines before we started? When you are ready, make sure you have a nice, sharp pencil (a sketching pencil would be even better but it doesn’t matter if you use a normal one) – and off you go! I would love to see some pictures of your finished drawings so please send them in to my email if you like. You will need to keep stopping and pausing the video and repeating parts. You will also want to do it in 2 parts – this drawing would have taken 2 full Friday afternoon lessons so please don’t rush! Have fun everyone!


TBQ: Can I create a fact-file about the Home Guard in World War 2?

Today, I would like you to learn about The Home Guard (click here to find out!)

The Home Guard was part of the Civil Defence, which we learned a little bit about when we did our propaganda posters. Just like at the moment, lots of people were volunteering to help out in any way that they could.

Using the information in the link above, and your own research, I would like you to make a fact file over 2 pages in your Extended Learning Book. OR – you could use a whole sheet of A4 paper and then stick this into your book.

We have done lots of fact files in class, so you should have a good idea of what sort of things to do. Tell the reader what the Home Guard is, why it was created, how you could get involved. Draw boxes, fill them with writing and put your own drawings around too.

Ask your family about Dad’s Army. That was a famous TV show all about the Home Guard!


Mrs. Hanson now has her own page! Check it out for some R.E. learning and more! by clicking here!



Suggestions for topic/project based home learning are:


If you have any further questions, please do get in touch. I will do my best to respond to emails within 48 hours (if not sooner) during term time weekdays (9-3.30). During this Easter holidays (3-20th April), I will occasionally check emails but this will be less frequent.

My email address is:

See you soon, everyone!

Mr H

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