House Teams

Sport’s day results:

2015 1st Clarke  2nd Bagot  3rd  Drabble  4th Paget

2016 1st Paget  2nd Bagot  3rd  Drabble  4th Clarke

BAGOT BLUE The Bagot Goat Blithfield Hall is a privately owned Grade I listed country house in Staffordshire, England, situated just outside Abbots Bromley.
The Hall, with its embattled towers and walls, has been the home of the Bagot family since the late 14th century.
Blithfield Hall is known as the home of a breed of goat, the Bagot goat. The part of the parish known as Bagot’s Bromley took its name from ownership by the family since 1360.   Bagot’s Wood, the remains of the ancient Needwood Forest also takes its name from the Bagots.
Bagot team picture
CLARKE RED The RC Deer Richard Clarke is the name of a local man who made his fortune in London. He bequeathed money to build a school to carry his name.

Richard Clarke lived at the same time as Guy Fawkes.

In 1606 Richard Clarke, “a dyer and citizen of London”, left in his will £300 so that the people of Abbots Bromley could buy land which could be leased out at a rent of £20 per annum and which would then enable them to build and maintain a free school within the village.

Clarke team picture
DRABBLE GREEN The Heron Phil Drabble OBE (13 May 1914 – 29 July 2007) was an English countryman, author and television presenter. Brought up in the Black Country, he later lived in – and wrote mostly about – the countryside of north Worcestershire and Abbots Bromley in south Staffordshire, where he created a nature reserve called Goat Lodge.  We visit the site annually to see the heron, deer and other wildlife.
Drabble team picture
PAGET YELLOW The Paget Griffin  Abbots Bromley remained affiliated to the Abbey till the Dissolution of the Monasteries in 1545. Henry VIII gave Bromley Abbatis to Sir William Paget, Clerk of the Signet and Privy Councillor. The village was known as Paget’s Bromley for several centuries, distinguishing it from the part of the parish in the hands of the Bagot family, still known as Bagot’s Bromley but eventually the influence of the Paget family declined, and the name reverted to Abbots Bromley.
Paget team picture