Special Educational Needs at Richard Clarke and Equality, Diversity and Vulnerable Groups

What are special educational needs? 

A child or young person has special educational needs if he or she has a learning difficulty or disability which calls for special educational provision to be made for him or her.  A learning difficulty or disability is a significantly greater difficulty in learning than the majority of others of the same age. Special educational provision means educational or training provision that is additional to, or different from, that made generally for others of the same age in a mainstream setting in England…. Health care provision or social care provision which educates or trains a child or young person is to be treated as special educational provision.  Code of Practice 2014

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Our Commitment

Richard Clarke First School is committed to an enjoyable and inclusive education which offers all pupils the chance to succeed, regardless of ability, SEN or disability.  There is a commitment to quality dyslexia friendly teaching in every classroom.  Additional support is available when required.  When provided, it is with the intention of increasing access to the curriculum by removing barriers, raising attainment, encouraging ambition and improving attitudes.

What should I do if I think my child may have special educational needs?

If you have concerns then please firstly discuss these with your child’s teacher.  This then may result in a referral to the schools SENCo (Special Educational Needs Co-ordinator) whose name is Mrs K. Hanson and whose contact details are 01283 840206 or via email: office@richardclarke.staffs.sch.uk

You can visit the Staffordshire Marketplace to find Staffordshire’s Local Offer:

The Staffordshire Marketplace is an online directory of local care, support and wellbeing services, activities and events across Staffordshire aimed at the whole family.

Launched by Staffordshire County Council the Staffordshire Marketplace makes it easier for people to find and access support and wellbeing services from hundreds of organisations, all in one place. Staffordshire Market Place (Staffordshire Local Offer)

Equality, diversity and vulnerable groups

Equality Objectives Sept 2015 – July 2016

  1. Extend strategies used to promote SLCN/ASD friendly environment in YR to rest of the school
  2. Increase pupils awareness of other ethnicities by ensuring displays reflect ethnic diversity

Special Educational Needs Documents