Michele Rastall


Governing Body

Individual Governor Profile

Type of Governor: Parent Governor

Reasons for becoming a Governor: I have been a parent governor at RCFS since 2010. I welcomed this opportunity to become more involved in the school and to work with the staff by supporting them in their work towards helping children achieve their best.

Our role as governors, is to regularly take part in discussions with the staff, and as part of its monitoring programme carry out learning walks, book trawls and pupil discussions, look at the resources available, visit classrooms, take part in audits and the recruitment of new staff and review school policies when necessary.

The more involved I get with the school, the more understanding and appreciation I have for the staff educating our children. It is a tough job.

Subject link: Literacy & Art.

Background Information: Strategy management, Marketing communications, Creative thinking, Project management.

Additional Information: I have one daughter at Richard Clarke and one daughter at Oldfields Middle School.