Steve Coxon

Steve Coxon Governor

Governing Body

Individual Governor Profile

Type of Governor: Co-opted

Reasons for becoming a Governor: All my three daughters attended Richard Clarke, which provided the initial link and I felt I had some good experience in Health and Safety and areas of facilities management which I could contribute to the running of the school.

Subject link: D&T

Background Information: I am an electrical engineer and have worked in the High Voltage transmission industry for almost 22 years. I also have trained and operated as a Health and Safety professional and also in the field of Environmental Management. I have managed operational sites in very high risk environments, including staff, contractors and budgetary issues.  

Additional Information: I am a resident within Abbots Bromley and have been for over 12 years. I have contributed to the school for a large proportion of that period. I have also contributed to other aspects of the local community including the Parish Council and the village Youth Club. My three daughters have all attended the school and grown up in the village. My spare time activities have tended to track those of my daughters, including football coach & manager, horse groom, general taxi and most recently includes the sport of bouldering !!